Intergalactic Travel Authority

The Intergalactic Travel Authority is the fun, quirky, consumer-facing brand that Story Planet (a Project-826-affiliated cafe in Toronto) uses to promote their dedication to being a community hub that brings together young writers, authors, teachers and more.

Over the course of working with them in 2013–2014, we worked on a successful series of travel posters/postcards for various planets in the solar system. In addition, we created a variety of different concepts for a whole identity system to be used across a range of products that would be for sale in the shop.

In the end, the design went in a different direction. The posters of Saturn and Mercury were produced, but the images here of the wider system reflect the work produced in the concept stage.



Creative Director
Leilah Ambrose

Art Directors
Stuart Thursby, Joel Derksen

Story Planet