Destination Pride

In the spring of 2017, FCB/SIX hatched an idea for PFlag Canada based on a simple insight: that there is no single source for LGBTQ+ travellers to find out how friendly or open a destination in the world might be before they get there.

Enter, Destination Pride.

Pulling in government data across a variety of LGBTQ+ friendly laws as well as live social sentiment data, Destination Pride generates a Pride score for every city, region and country around the world. It's the first search engine to pull together these sources and present them in a user-friendly, accessible and clear way.

And that's not at all.

The Pride score generates a six-row graphic, following the Pride flag's colours. A 100% score in a category, and the bar is full; a 50% score in a different category, and the bar is half full. This generated graphic is that city's Pride Flag.

By sharing a destination to Facebook or Twitter, the user can either help raise the Pride flag for any destination around the world, through their status combined with an auto-generated graphic of that city's flag.

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Executive Creative Director
Ian Mackenzie

Associate Creative Directors
Dave Laing, Krystle Mullin, Stuart Thursby

Creative Team
David Woodger, James Ly, Jason Ip

Dov Atlin, Madara Ranawake


PFLAG Canada